Can I shop from every province from Turkey ?

Yes, you can shop from anywhere in Turkey by visiting our website: as you wish.


Can I shop from every country in whole over the world ?

Yes, you can shop from anywhere in the world by visiting our website: as you wish.

Are your prices inclusive of VAT?

Yes. All the prices that you see in the are prices include VAT.

Can I send a gift from

Yes, you can. You may send your gift by writing the person’s name and his/her address information on the “delivery address” part also you can add your note. Or you may write an e-mail to and you can send your request.

How do I learn the buying opportunities from about discounts and campaigns?

We are sending the announcements periodically to the mail address that you give us while you are creating a membership in our website.


How can I make the payment?

You can use your credit card from any bank while shopping in the

Can I make the payment by paying in the door option?

No, we are not taking the order by using this option for now.

Can I make the payment by money order?

Yes, you can make the payment by money transfer/EFT through our bank information.


Is it safety to shopping in the

All the credit card information in are encrypted by using 128BIT SSL. The payment automatically reaches to the bank which your card is belong to. The payment transactions are made and provisioned. During these processes, your credit card information is only sent to the bank. None of the credit card information will be store in Qumashe’s database.

Is the credit card information store in Qumashe ?

Credit card information is not stored by

Is my personal information being in the secure in the

While you are opening an membership account or you are shopping, all the information that you give us are protected by Membership Agreement.


What are the conditions for product supply?

All the sales made through are limited by our stocks. While you are ordering in the “piece” button system gives you to the active available stock information.


How long does it take to deliver the order? (IN DOMESTIC)

All the orders given through are given to the shipment in 3 or 5 work days. The orders in Istanbul will be take 1 work day, the orders in the other provinces can take 1 to 4 work days. Cargo firms are working between 9:00 – 18:00. Delivery will be made to the delivery address that you write in the order.

Do I need to make payment for delivery to the cargo firm for the shipment? (IN DOMESTIC)

The delivery of the goods which you bought from are free delivery.

How long does it take to deliver the order? (IN ABROAD)

Delivery time of shipments to the abroad are changing according to the country and the city you ordered. Your order will be prepared in 3 or 5 days and will be given to the cargo firm. UPS cargo will be give you to an exact information about how long that is take your shipment.

Do I need to make payment for delivery to the cargo firm for the shipment? (IN ABROAD)

The shipment price will be change according to the country and the city that you give an order.

Which cargo firm will be deliver my order?

All the orders are deliver by UPS cargo firm as it is our agreed delivery firm.

Are you making a shipment to anywhere in Turkey?

Our delivery network is limited by the UPS, but Ups delivering a shipment in the 90% of the Turkey.

Are you making a shipment to anywhere around the world?

Our delivery network is limited by the UPS, however UPS can deliver the shipment in 220 different country.

What are the important things in shipment delivery?

If there are any defections in your shipments (collapse, deformation, wetness, or damage in the box) you can open your shipment with the delivery person. If you observe any defections in the product please reject the order and ask a cargo official to keep a record. Recorded products will be delivered back to the by the cargo company and the exchange status of the products will be checked as soon as possible. Any products which are not recorded by the cargo firm will not be accepted and will not be exchange.


Can I cancell the orders that I gave from
  • If you order not delivered by the cargo firm you can report your order cancellation from or you can call the Qumashe in weekdays between 09:00-18:00 and you can cancel your order.
  • After your order cancellation is approved, if you give the order by paying with your credit card, the re-payment will be varying according to your bank. Please fallow the payment information through your bank.
  • If you made an order by using the money transaction/EFT the payment will be back in 3 working days to your account.
Can I return the product?

Our basic principle is to make the customer happy. If you want to return your product as in the fallowing conditions we would like to help you quick as possible.

    1. Invoice date mustn’t past 3 working days. The product must be unused, undamaged, not be torn, not be ravel, not be stained. You need to return the order with all accessories that you take. Don’t forget to add return notes in the order. Please make the return to the stated address. The product which are not suitable to the stated features will not be accepted.
    2. If you find any production defections you can return the product with its package. The returns must be same as the invoiced date otherwise it will be not accepted to return.
    3. Returns and exchanges are not possible in the fallowing cases: faulty use (wash, impact, tear, etc.) (see Washing Instructions.)
    4. When the return cargo arrives, we will be notified you by e-mail. After the returned items are checked for conformity to the refund requirements, the refunds for the accepted refund request will be sent to the bank within 2 (two) business days. The rate of progress of this process depends entirely on the internal process of your bank.



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