Ikat is the special weaving technique. Besides the traditional waving methods Ikat is made from first painting then woven. Before woven the fabric, the yarn covered by a special material which protects the fabric from the water and moisture. This procedure makes the fabric unique. Each of the yarns covered by wax and closed from using tree barks one by one, then they painted in different colors. It is impossible to produce this special fabric in mass production. The raw material of this unique fabric is silk and every fabric has its own design because whenever this fabric woven you will have different decoration from the weaving loom. This is the secret of the special fabric of Ikat.


The pillows which are made from the Ikat fabric are called as “nomadic textile” not because of anonym country. The reason is because of strength woven techniques and this fabric is spreads in whole over the world.


Ikat pillows are the timeless designs. This unique design resists all trends and will always amaze you as keep place with every development.


The Ikat pillows gives a high positive energy in every place it exists. Due to production procedure, pillows let your places appropriate to the modern art.


As the symbol of statue; Ikat represents the power, welfare and the positive energy. Due to strong visually features, the pillows are strong even they don’t need any additional accessories.

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