Qumashe home uses the 9 types of natural quartz (in order to be useful, the 9 quartzes must use together). We combine 9 quartzes in the “pupil pouches” by using our expert’s knowledge.

We aim to reflect this positive energy to your homes and your spaces with the motto of Whispered Pillows.

Our pupil pouches,


This natural quartz is a love stone. When the person’s body charged by negative energy, the amethyst gathers the extra charges, and it increases the brain power.  It is useful for depression. Amethyst known as the most powerful stone for the healing features. This stone may be good for skin, eye and heart disorders, also it is useful in insomnia. When amethyst used with the pink quartz it increases the strengthens of your mind and it protects your heart.



The pink quartz protects you from radioactive rays. It effects the sensitivity of the emotions; the stone increases your confidence. It is good for your kidneys, lungs, the heat system of your body and for your heart. These stones are using with amethyst for love and heart health.





This stone knows as spotted stone in Greek language. Jasper use for the source of cure for the centuries. In the stressful times, Jasper brings peace and integrity to the environment. While it is used for healing, the stone has the ability to combine all aspects of life. This stone absorbs the negative energy and cleans your emotions. It encourages the person to be honest and it supports your digestive system. The Jasper regulates the mineral balance of your body.




This quartz knows as love and believe stone. The negative energy in the body and bad thoughts are thrown out by Red Jasper. It strengthens the liver and the spleen. It has therapeutic properties. This stone allows the person to feel healthy and strong and increase body resistance.




Cornelian known as the strongest stone. If you keep this stone in your home and your working place it will protect your places. It brings abundance and plenty to your life spaces. It protects the person and the environment from danger and it prevents incompatibilities. That’s why the prophet (St. Muhammed) always wears a ring which is made from cornelian stone. The soldiers who had been fighting in war in the past kept the cornelian in order to protect themselves and to be braver. Many kings and sultans are also had cornelian due to the same reasons. As well as trust, courage, leadership, power, the cornelian also makes the person’s life completely positive. While this stone used with the pink quartz, the jasper and calcite it works compatible and it reflects its energy more intense.


This stone knows as creativity, trust and innovation. It bears solar energy to the person’s body. It prevents the depression. The stone removes insomnia and hopelessness. It helps to reduce the cowardice and the social phobia. It regulates the endocrine system and hormones. The calcite is useful for digestive system and metabolism. The stone increases your inner peace.




This stone is the most powerful about the energy. It opens the renovation, and it brings abundance and plenty to your life. Garnet allows the person to get rid of any untoward information. The stones let you open your hearts door and let you trust to the people. It heals spinal cord disorders. It helps to clean your blood and your lungs in cellular disorders. Garnet has been used in many disease treatments since 1500 in Czechoslovakia where the leading stone cutting workshops of the world are located.



This stone has a filtering effect and it absorbs the radioactive energy and it prevent the electromagnetic pollution. It stabilized the calcium balance of your body. It is useful for your bones, teethes and nails. It makes your body stronger. Especially this stone is useful for your heart and digestive system. It opens the perceptions of the person and it lets to heal the emotional wounds. Amazonite increases the communication skills of the person about love.



It is the most suitable stone to throw out the bad electricity of the body. It gives love to life by destroying feelings of anger. It prevents cancer cells from spreading in your body. It helps to clean the liver.






The quartz has an old history started from Aztecs and spreads to the Ancient Egypt. The natural stones are existing in a wide area in the world. From Islamic geography to the China, also in the Ancient Greek natural quartz loved by people and the quartz desired by the society. The colors and the lights of the stones effects people from a long time. These features take the interests of the people and makes the quartz popular. Due to crystallization effect of the stones seen as a healing resources.

The natural quartz giving life energy to you and make your environmental energy more positive.

The creation of the natural quartz takes more than 30 million years in the nature. This situation makes the stones energy cubes. The positive effects of the stones coming from directly its naturel structure, not from a kind of magical powers.


The crystal structure of the natural quartz leads to alterations in the positive and negative directions on human energy, they covert your energy, the stones may convert to your energy either faster, or slower.

Experts explains that the feature of energy conversion of the stones coming from the earth itself. The stones stay in the underground for million years. While they are going out they have positive charges because they are coming from the center of the earth.

The natural quartz are the sources of the positive energy. They generously distribute the good energy which they stored itself for more than millions of years in the center of earth. It is known that sometimes these stones turn back to the coal version after they heal the person. The stones take the negative energy of the person then convert it with the positive one. It may change the physical features of the stones and as a result the stones may destroy themselves after they healed the person.

There are more than 250 different types of natural quartz, and the 36 of them are exists in Anatolian lands. Turkey has rich natural quartz resources.

Natural Quartz are the symbol of heal, infinity and trust…

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